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Proceeds from the Austin Eubanks Memorial Fund, a fund established under The Onsite Foundation, support the first-of-its-kind therapeutic program for survivors of mass shootings titled “Triumph Over Tragedy”.   The Onsite Foundation provides trauma-informed counseling and emotional health education to individuals and vulnerable communities regardless of race, religion, gender identity or socio-economic status.  Donations will continue to provide resources and tools to survivors to find hope and healing.  Link below for more information on program offerings.


Austin Eubanks was an expert in the addiction treatment industry and an internationally recognized professional speaker, media contributor, and consultant on topics surrounding drug policy, behavioral health, addiction, and trauma.

An injured survivor of the Columbine shooting, Austin’s traumatic experience as a teen was the catalyst to his painful journey through addiction. He has since devoted his career to helping those who have turned to substances as a result of trauma. Austin has spoken to millions across the country regarding strategies for addressing the issues around substance abuse that are plaguing the nation. His work and personal story has garnered the interest of countless major media outlets including the BBC, People Magazine, and the New York Times. Austin has provided expert commentary for Face The Nation, Vice News, Rolling Stone, CBS This Morning, NBC Nightly News, Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN.


"Less than an hour after scrambling out the back door of the Columbine High School library, I was lying in a hospital bed, medicated on a variety of substances intended to relieve my pain," recalls survivor Austin Eubanks. That was the beginning of a decade-long addiction that led to a profound realization about the current opioid epidemic: how we manage pain is both the problem and the solution.

"What has been the most profoundly impactful experience of your life, your career, or your recovery?" You won't believe where the conversations go from there! Stay tuned.


Judith Landau, MD, DPM, LMFT, CFLE, CIP, CAI

CEO, ARISE® Network

Austin is a passionate leader in the recovery field, and his personal story of grit and perseverance is one that needs to be told as an example for all. He is an intelligent and articulate speaker with the power to captivate and inspire a wide variety of audiences. His efforts in prevention, advocacy, awareness, and education have changed the lives of many of our youth. He is a shining example of true recovery in action and will continue to make a difference!

Gary Forrest, EdD, PhD

Clinical Psychologist | Consultant | Educator

Austin Eubanks presented a keynote at our 43rd Annual Psychotherapy Associates Winter Symposium which was absolutely spectacular. Mr. Eubanks' presentation included some 300 attendees. The evaluations and personal feedback that we received specific to Austin's presentation were on a par with the feedback and evaluations we have received on presentations from many of the most recognized behavioral health and addictions professionals. Mr. Eubanks is a bright, articulate, socially skilled, and ethical professional who is an asset to the addictions profession, self-help community, and behavioral health industry.

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